Windshields and Tinted glass

Windshield Replacement and Repair

The windshield directly influences the driver’s vision. Therefore its strength and maintenance is a key security element. The trend to increase the glass surface and technological evolution of new automotive glass, has made windshield replacement a very technical operation. With your security in mind we do our best to provide you with the highest quality of work.

As indicated during the FCR’s (Fédération des Carrossiers Romands) sensitization campaign, certain work methods used by itinerant workers do not respect the builders’ security guidelines, and hence, put the lives of the automobilist and his passengers at risk. Respectful of the security of motorists, Carrosserie Bussy adheres to a high standard of professional conduct when effectuating the repairs mandated to them. We take whatever steps needed to restore the vehicle to working order within the manufacturers’ security directives.

Tinted Glass

Carrosserie Bussy offers a wide assortment of automotive glass tinting films to meet your needs. These automotive window treatments are installed by professionals only and are guaranteed for 10 years. We’ll need to keep your car for a half day to perform the work. Prices depend on the surface to be treated and the type of film you choose. Contact us for a free quote!

Benefits of a tinted glass:

  • Provides a barrier against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Lowers the temperature inside your car
  • Saves energy (reduces the use of your A/C)
  • Personalizes your car thanks to the various tints available

Safe-system films: : an optimal protection against glass breakage and car-jacking

This treatment is colorless. Should a window treated with safe-system happen to break, your insurance will generally cover for the replacement of the window as well as its treatment (as long as you’ve kept your invoice).

Benefits of safe-system films:

  • Strengthen your car windows
  • Protect your passengers more efficiently
  • Deter « smash and grab » theft
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