Special works

Special vehicules

When your vehicule or its windshield are damaged, you most likely think of your car repair center.

Our know-how actually extends to all kinds of vehicules:

  • Motorcycles fairing
  • Trucks and their superstructures
  • Horse vans (inside/outside refection or customization)
  • Mobil homes and trailers
  • Tractors

The large dimensions of our workshop and spraybooth indeed enable to handle oversized vehicules.

Nautical field

Thanks to our state-of-the-art painting equipment and our considerable experience of fiberglass, we can also carry out works on boats, be it for repairs or painting / decorating jobs. We can work on metal, as well as wood, plastic or fiberglass supports.

To define the ideal color for you, we can either resort to a shade sample (RAL, NCS, IGP), or use our spectrophotometer. This tool’s software determines – quickly and accurately – the closest matching formula, be it for standard, metal or pearl paints.

Decoration and housing

Our painting skills also apply to housing and decoration. Some examples:

  • Garden furniture
  • Fences, gates
  • Stair stringers and banisters
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Wall radiators
  • Sculptures

We often realize painting jobs for locksmiths and carpenters, as well as kitchen or decoration companies, to meet their customers needs for customization. Instead of replacing, think « relooking »: modifying or renovating your goods can be an ecological alternative!

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