Bench-assisted bodywork

This method enables the repair of severely damaged vehicles whereby, following a significant accident, its structure has been distorted. Specially designed to direct and pull the vehicle such that it becomes a straight line with chassis legs, the precision of this bench guarantees that the repaired vehicles are in compliance with the manufacturers’ norms.

Repairs with Original Parts

Carrosserie Bussy’s core activity is geared around :

  • Bodywork or mechanical repairs following an accident
  • Bodywork following an attempted theft (repair or replacement of locks)
  • Transformation mandate by the client
  • Other modifications (such as altering trucks axels or refrigerated trucks).

Each repaired vehicle is checked with a electronic diagnostic tool, in order to prevent any remaining error code from causing a car break down.

Alternative repairs

The « alternative technique» is particularly appropriate to repair dents arising from hail or parking lot incidents. This procedure enables us to repair of the vehicle body without damaging the paint, thereby significantly reducing the overall repair costs.

Aluminum repairs

Thanks to our modern equipment, we are able to repair a wide range of aluminum parts.

Preparation for Technical Visit

Carrosserie Bussy is available to prepare your vehicle for its technical inspection. If rust is not kept at bay it can cause severe damage and prevent your vehicle from receiving the authorization to be road-worthy. Standard tasks involved in the vehicle’s preparation for the inspection include:

  • Rust removal
  • Changing the muffler
  • Cleaning the chassis
  • Adjusting the headlights
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